Savannah River Academy



Building Quality

Savannah River Academy stands as a remarkable achievement crafted by a team of exceptional individuals. The collaborative effort of Dickinson Architects and Heavener & Associates gave rise to a design/build venture for one of Columbia County’s rapidly expanding private schools. The focal point of this endeavor was an 8,000 sqft ground-up addition affectionately named the “Nest,” dedicated to pre-K and kindergarten classes.

With a keen vision for embracing natural light, expansive ceilings, and a seamless connection to the outdoors, the owners sought to create an environment that spoke to the essence of learning. Each classroom boasts exposed ceilings and roll-up garage doors that effortlessly lead to a communal courtyard—a testament to the thoughtful design. The captured images vividly convey the success of this endeavor.

It’s heartwarming to note that Zach’s daughter is currently a kindergartener at the academy and, in a delightful twist, expresses disappointment when there’s no school on the weekends!