Miami Vybz

    Building Quality Guided by a visionary spirit, Jeremy Hawes, the mastermind behind Miami Vybz, aspired to transform it into Augusta’s premier nightlife destination. Collaborating seamlessly with the skilled design and construction teams of Heavener & Associates, Jeremy’s vision materialized into reality. Revitalizing a dilapidated property in downtown Augusta posed a myriad of challenges, from addressing occupant load concerns to implementing an effective fire suppression system and ensuring a one-hour barrier between floors. Confronting each obstacle head-on, the teams emerged victorious, turning adversity into triumph. The once-decrepit property on Broad Street has now shed its vacant status, thanks to the concerted efforts of Jeremy Hawes and Heavener & Associates. Beyond being a nightclub, Miami Vybz stands as a value-added establishment, contributing to the vibrancy and communal spirit of Augusta. It’s a testament to the transformative power of vision, determination, and collaborative expertise.