The H & A Difference

  • Everything we do, we do with our client’s best interest in mind.
  • We believe in being our client’s turnkey resource , their competitive advantage.
  • We achieve these goals by designing and constructing quality while reducing typical project durations.
  • We have experienced and talented building teams that work hard while making the process fun and easy.

Dreams can be built

We believe that if you can dream it, we can build it. Whether it’s a build-out or ground-up job, from designing to pouring concrete, we have the skillsets and resources to make it happen. We see our job as understanding each client’s vision, and bringing it into reality with the highest quality construction. We don’t rest until the job is done and each client looks at the finished project with a sense of pride and accomplishment.


Pedal to the metal

When it comes to client relationships, we put the pedal to the metal. In order for us to maintain our quality standards and keep our business growing, we need to know our clients and they need to know us. We keep in touch with our clients because we care. Our goal is for every client to say “I don’t think we can do this without Heavener,” because we have been personally present to them both on and off the project.


Share the load

Our clients have enough on their plate before embarking on a construction project. We are here to share the load so that from start to finish, each project is as open and accessible to the client as they desire. If they want to be part of choosing the paint colors, we can do it. If they just want to trust us and be hands off on the project until it’s completed, we can do it. Whatever helps take the weight of responsibility off of our clients’ shoulders so they can rest easy when it comes to construction, we are happy to do.


Trust is built

Honest hard work is the foundation on which trust is built. We are a team of go-getters willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to help our clients. Whether it’s climbing onto a roof in 120 degree weather to fix a mechanical issue, or having a project manager on-site to help install wall protection, we aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty to make sure our projects are done right and on time. When we’re willing to do the honest hard work and hold ourselves accountable, it builds trust and loyalty, and our clients come back for more. 


No surprises, no ambiguity

We are here to help our clients, not trick them. We provide clear guidance and clear proposals so that there are never any surprises or ambiguities on a job. Every client should feel understood and part of the experience as we work to bring their vision to life. Whether it’s providing a free rendering or proposing a higher price than the competition, we are unafraid to be transparent and open with our clients so that they know their best interest is at the forefront of our work.


Through the end

From purchasing property, through design, all the paperwork, and construction we are partners with our clients throughout every project. At each step, we seek to bring our client’s goals closer to reality. This could mean helping to acquire loans, filing for permits, or dealing with difficult landlords. From the beginning of the relationship through the end, our client and their dreams come first. 



Building Quality


H&A’s business is shaped by innovative thinking, competence, working in a spirit of partnership and maintaining transparency.  We are a reliable and trustworthy partner to our clients and dedicated to providing quality in all project phases. 


We embark with entrepreneurs and executives to build their dreams through quality construction and personal relationships, so that their vision can become a successful reality.